CBSE Affiliation No: 1130662


Gandhe Sir

“Greetings from M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur!

M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur is steering ahead towards exceptional development each passing year with its unmatched determination and endeavors. The school affiliated to CBSE up to 12th Standard is committed to draw out the best in every student by providing them education, knowledge and skills that has global relevance.

Our proven pedagogy and ambiance conducive for teaching make the learning more fascinating and reciprocating. Being affiliated to CBSE is an added advantage as the curriculum formulated by CBSE is explicitly meticulous and well-organized. Besides, it is constantly reviewed and revamped by the Board whenever it becomes essential.

We are there to extend any patronage pertaining to studies to our students at all times.

We do offer cordial welcome to all the aspirants and their parents to M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur for the ensuing academic year 2020-2021.”

Mohan Gandhe
M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur



“Welcome to M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur.CA Gaurav Jaipuriya

M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur is truly an ideal place to pursue meaningful education. The school promotes excellence by identifying and nurturing the talent of its students and encourages them to pursue enriching careers.

Our qualified, experienced and enlightened teachers put all possible endeavors with diligence and fortitude to facilitate the students to conquer new heights as regards their holistic development, which indeed is the fundamental purpose of education.

Besides, CBSE affiliation up to 12th Standard further empowers the institution to be globally competent. CBSE is the probably the largest School Board in India in terms of its presence and progress.”

CA Gaurav Jaipuriya
M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur



amit ssis


“M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur affiliated to CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has made phenomenal progress in a very short span by offering an education which is significantly entwined with academic, cultural and social activities.

The Best-in-Class Infrastructure, the Ambience, the Amenities, the Opportunities, the Dedicated Teachers immensely contribute to develop the competence of the students remarkably, ultimately enabling them to meet their challenges and realize their ambitions.

The academic year 2020-2021 is round the corner and the school is duly prepared to fulfill all its obligations towards the students with sincerity and dedication.”


Amit Yenurkar
M.K.H. Sancheti Public School, Nagpur


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