CBSE Affiliation No: 1130662



Q1. Which is the governing group/organization?

Ans. The School is now managed by a team having more than a decades experience in managing educational institutions like – MKH Sancheti Public School & Junior College &  City Premier College, Nagpur.

 Q2. Registration & Certification of the school?

Ans. The school is registered under the Societies Registration Act, Maharashtra.

Q3. Board of the school and affiliation process?

Ans. S S International School is affiliated to Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school’s CBSE affiliation number is 1130662

Q4. About the School, curriculum, extra- curricular activities –

Ans. The school is spread in a total land of 5 acres surrounded by lush green environment. The building structure is state-of-the-art quality and seen never before in Central India. The school is equipped with all facilities and amenities, sports complex, large playground, spacious class rooms, etc.  The school has a specially created world class landscape to create pleasant inner and outer atmosphere.

The architecture of the school is constructed by world renowned architectural firm specialized in school designs and large experience in school infrastructure.

We have self designed curriculum which is based on three popular theories, that are, Child-Centred, Knowledge Centred and Society Centred view which enables students to develop an integrated personality. As we know, learning occurs best when the curriculum is meaningful and connected to lives.

We have a large playground along with the well constructed Sports Complex for the overall development of the students. We shall have sports like Lawn Tennis, Swings and Slides, Skating, Basketball, Taekwondo, adventure sports like archery and fun races.

We also plan to construct a swimming pool in the school premises in the next session of the school.

Q5. Difference between us and other schools ?

Ans. Normal CBSE schools which are currently running are using the traditional aspects and curriculum as designed by the CBSE department far ago. Thus, sensing the need of the coming Educational Revolution all over the world, we have created a Next Generation School based on the new educational trends such as robotics, nano-technology, Aero modelling, etc.

We have an especially self designed curriculum which shall strive not only to increase the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) but also the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of the child. The school is under constant consultation and support from the renowned United Kingdom Education Consultants. Finally, the efforts are on a continuous basis to produce Globally Competent and Locally Relevant human resource.

Q6. About the teaching force ?

Ans. We have one of the best teachers in the city who constantly strive to produce best out of the students. Our teaching staff is a devoted and hard working team who believe that proper education is mandatory to grow children as responsible adults. The entire team of administrators along with the educationists is committed to the educational leadership opportunities to children.

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