CBSE Affiliation No: 1130662

About usWelcome to SS International School Nagpur.

SS International School offers students a well defined and blended learning program based on modern educational system that develops their intellectual potential and understanding of the global world through self awareness and prepares them to face life’s challenges. The school is Co-educational and admits boys and girls irrespective of their Caste, Creed and Strata.

SS International school, a prominent educational institution provides a complete integrated comprehensive education program to ensure the children grow on to become responsible adults. The entire team of administrator along with the renowned educationists is committed to provide proper educational leadership opportunities assisted by curricular activities that serve in providing the most competitive education program.

Keeping in mind the learning occurs best when curriculum is meaningful and connected to lives, the curriculum is based on three popular theories that are Child Centric, Knowledge Centric and Society Centric which enables the students to develop an integrated  personality. We understand the necessity to combine knowledge with morals and ethics and believe that children should not remain hidden behind growing mass of material, machines and technology but understand and appreciate the urges and aspirations, the limitations and prejudices, the faith and hope of their fellow beings.

Our concern is not to impart knowledge or make them intellectual identity but also socially well adjusted, emotionally sound, morally balanced and physically healthy which makes us a distinguished centre of learning. We provide ample opportunities to the students to enrich delicacy of felling and senses of social responsibility.

To enhance the students all round development and cultivate varied interests, a strong academic foundation is complemented with a rich selection of co curricular activities. We encourage students to develop new interests and skills.


Our Vision

To provide an environment of excellence where children can achieve their full potential in academic, creative, personal, moral, physical and spiritual development.
To create a caring place where children and adults feel they make a contribution and are valued as individuals.
To create a place of values where children learn respect for themselves and other.
To create a partnership between children, parents, staff and governors and the community as a whole.


Our Mission

The mission of SSIS contributes to our vision by educating children in global citizenship of all backgrounds across the nation and around the world through developing their intellectual, mental, moral, emotional, civic and creative capacities to the fullest and to lead and serve in every sphere of human activity.



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