CBSE Affiliation No: 1130662


The school entrusts upon proper education to grow children as responsible adults. The entire team of administrators along with the educationists is committed to the educational leadership opportunities to children. Here education is assisted by the co-curricular activities which serve in providing the most apt ambience of a competitive School.

The curriculum is based on three theories, that are, Child Centred, Knowledge Centred and Society Centred view which enables students to develop an integrated personality as we know learning occurs best when curriculum is meaningful and connected to lives.

Our concern is not only to impart knowledge or make them an intellectual identity but also a truly educated person, socially well adjusted, emotionally sound, morally balanced and physically healthy.

We not only educate the mind, but provide ample opportunities to the students of the enriching and invigorating experience which builds up character, generates sensibility, delicacy of feeling a sense of social responsibility.

The School values and supports continuous learning, while understanding that continual learning is a core responsibility of each employee. To that end, it will provide structured development that integrates institutional mission, organizational and individual needs, and performance expectations.

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